Microsoft Kinect

The Xbox Kinect from MicrosoftI just received a new Xbox Kinect for Christmas, and it is such an awesome pieces of technology.  I have seen it on TV and used it a little, but until you really get to sit down and use it you have no idea how neat it is and what all it can do.

When you first pull it out of the box, you realize that it is not just some little piece of junk.  I was really just expecting something like a web cam, but this is far beyond any little web cam.  It is much heavier and once you start it up you realize that it is much better than the average computer camera that one uses.  From the very first nod that the Kinect gives you, you can’t help but be fascinated. The Kinect shows a little screen on the bottom of your tv, so you can see what it is seeing.  It captures certain parts of your body (head, hands, feet, etc.) and tracks their movements.  While the Kinect is tracking your movements around the room, it does a great job unless you have little pets roaming around, or other people that are doing too much moving.  For some reason, it kept thinking that our little white dog was a person and try to pick her up when she walking in screen, and telling us that a player has left when she would walk off screen.  You even have the ability to control your whole Xbox experience with the Kinect.  By simply waving your hand, you gain control with your body to do anything from searching the internet to buying a new movie to watch.

My only one qualm with the device and all of the new games that I get are the amounts of downloads that are required before and while playing the games.  My wife just purchased Battlefield 3 for me and it is a great game, but before I could even start it took me 20 minutes of downloading and installing updates.  I have played it a couple of times, and it keeps telling me that I need to install more updates.  I don’t have a very fast internet connection, so installing a 2 GB update takes hours to download.  I haven’t even tried playing online and don’t feel like there should be this much to download to be able to play a new game directly from the dvd.  I know that these are not required updates, but it makes me feel like I will be missing out on some great game features with all of the prompting to update.

If you don’t already own a Kinect you need to go out and purchase one right now.  There are huge discounts out there and you can get it very reasonable.

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