WordPress and Bootstrap Combined

I am very excited to announce that I have converted my entire website to a custom WordPress website that has been enhanced with Twitter Bootstrap.  You can click on either link on the bottom to go to either one of their websites.

Here is a brief overview of both technologies:

WordPress is a blogging software plugin.  It is built with php (which is a programming language).  The nice thing about WordPress is that it is a super developed set of software, so it enables a large range of options for any from the novice blogger to someone who designs websites.  Almost everything is built in such as: widgets, themes and plugins.  If for some reason you can’t find something that you need then you are also able to create your own widgets, themes and plugins to mold WordPress to meet your needs.

Responsive Website

Image of responsive website on device.

Twitter Bootstrap
Twitter Bootstrap is really what makes me excited to have converted my site to a WordPress website.  Bootstrap makes your website responsive.  What does that mean?  Making a website responsive means that the website’s size will respond to the size of your screen.  In the past, web designers made webpages specifically for mobile devices.  This still can serve its purpose, but for most people there is a way around this now.  One of the problems with making a mobile website is that you have to update two websites.  This means that things get forgotten and might not get updated as quickly.  Making a responsive website means that when making a website it might take more time initially, but then you are essentially making multiple website that will all be updated at the same time later.  Bootstrap has simplified this even further.  The way that it did this was to go ahead and make the javascript and css for you, so your website can be made responsive much easier and faster.  They also incorporated other amazing features such as web fonts, buttons, navigation bars, and tons more options.

Combining both of these great software programs makes for one amazing product.  To take a look at how this works grab the bottom right corner of your web browser and drag it to the left.  You can see the different components of the webpage moving to adjust to the smaller screen size.

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